North America
May 17, 2021

New synthetic oil-based hydraulic fluid offers die casters considerably reduced cavitation and component wear

  • Non-hazardous, synthetic oil-based hydraulic fluid shows superior performance compared to conventional hydraulic fluids
  • Boss Novarol Safe SRF 46 passes European ISO standards for fire resistance
  • Chem-Trend and Boss Lubricants agree on an international distribution partnership for new hydraulic fluid in Europe, the US, Canada, and Mexico

Today Chem-Trend announced a strategic partnership with Boss Lubricants GmbH & Co.KG. The focus of the cooperation is on the distribution of HFDU hydraulic fluid Novarol Safe SRF 46. The product has been developed by Boss Lubricants for the die casting industry to provide for significantly improved fluid performance and cost savings.

The distribution partnership between Chem-Trend and Boss Lubricants gives die casting companies in Europe, the US, Canada, and Mexico highly improved access to cutting-edge solutions. The main focus is currently on the field of hydraulic fluids with low flammability, for which Boss Lubricants provides a pioneering solution with Novarol Safe SRF 46.

“The HFDU hydraulic fluid Boss Novarol Safe SRF 46 offers dramatic reductions in cavitation that is known to be a common problem in conventional hydraulic fluid leading systems. Typically, cavitation not only causes leakages putting health and safety at risk but also induces high wear leading to cost- and time intensive maintenance requirements for die casting machines and hydraulic systems. We are delighted to be able to take on the distribution of such a highly innovative hydraulic fluid right from the outset of our collaboration with Boss Lubricants,” says Andrea Colori, European business director of die casting at Chem-Trend.

“In Chem-Trend, we gain a partner that enjoys an excellent reputation in the die casting market around the world and we are very happy to grant Chem-Trend exclusive distribution of the water-free hydraulic fluid Boss Novarol Safe SRF 46. The solution with its innovative formulation provides superior wear protection as compared to other fluids. Consequently, next to it meeting with European ISO standards for fire resistance it also minimises downtime and reduces hydraulic system component wear. We look forward to being able to bring those dramatic benefits to the die cast industry through Chem-Trend’s superb network,” says Rainer Gunsch-Boss, CEO at Boss Lubricants GmbH & Co. KG.

The cooperation also builds on a range of synergies embedded in the DNA of the new partners: Both distinguish themselves by having a strong customer focus, which is especially visible in their research and development work. In this area the companies’ major objective is to develop customer-specific, innovative solutions. Similarly, both partners can lay claim to the fact that they offer maximum protection for people, machinery, and the environment.

“Chem-Trend and Boss Lubricants are very much aligned in their efforts to be environmentally conscious companies, each placing a high value on employee health and safety. The unique chemistry of Novarol SRF 46 offers both a non-hazardous and environmentally responsible solution that also provides superior equipment wear protection – it’s a win-win scenario for employees and manufacturers,” says Joel Whicker, director of sales for North America at Chem-Trend.

Manufacturers looking for more information on this technology should contact their local Chem-Trend representative at CHEMTREND.COM/contact.

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