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Rotational Molding

Chem-Trend offers a variety of best-in-class products to solve the various release challenges that rotational molding presents. Use Surface Enhancer 360° to improve the performance and appearance of your finished products by combatting common issues including shrinkage, porosity, and other surface defects. Chem-Trend also offers an easy-to-use spray adhesive, Resin Tack, which provides superior resin-holding technology. Both products complement our Mono-Coat® conventional and semi-permanent release agents and molding process aids which minimize pre-release and enhance material flow by eliminating problems such as electric static charge interference and pigment swirls.   

Featured Solutions   

Minimize Pinholes with Surface Enhancer 360°    

Common surface blemishes, such as pinholes, present themselves during the rotational molding process and can often lead to poor surface finish of end products. These surface defects arise when molding resins are unable to flow properly leaving areas of the mold empty.  Surface Enhancer 360°, the original resin flow technology since 1994, is formulated specifically for rotational molding to ensure that the resin reaches all areas of the mold and improves the appearance of the finished product. Surface Enhancer 360° is not a replacement for a release agent, and it is strongly recommended to combine Surface Enhancer 360° with a Chem-Trend release agent for optimal results.  

Surface Enhancer 360° provides the following benefits for rotational molding:   

  • Prevent pinholes, voids, and blowouts with ease   
  • Eliminate thinning and bridging with better resin flow   
  • Improve overall surface conditional of rotomolded parts   
  • Increase strength around inserts   
  • Improve appearance and functionality of threads   
  • Reduce scrap 

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Resin Tack for Superior Resin-Holding  

Resin Tack is an adhesive spray that provides the following benefits for rotational molding:   

  • Superior resin-holding technology with fast dry and tack times  
  • Compatible with polyolefin-based resins and graphics   
  • Securely holds graphic transfers in position during the burnishing application onto the mold   
  • Can be utilized to create unique patterns using multicolored resins during the rotational molding process   
  • Simple and easy-to-use  

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A Seamless Process with Mono-Coat® Mold Release Agents

Using the right mold release agent plays a major part in creating a smoother rotational molding process. Chem-Trend’s line of both solvent- and water-based conventional and semi-permanent mold release agents are formulated to combat frequent rotational molding problems such as surface abrasion, discoloration, and inconsistent release.  

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Improved End Products with Rotational Molding Process Aids 

A myriad of production issues, such as static electrical charge, can affect the efficiency of your rotational molding operation. Demolding issues negatively impact part quality while increasing scrap rate and decreasing output. Chem-Trend’s molding process aids are effective solutions to eliminate these challenges.  

Chem-Trend Processing Aid Offerings:  

  • Mold Release Agents  
  • Flow Promoters for Pinhole Prevention  
  • Adhesives for Graphic Placement and Multi-Color Patterns  
  • Anti-Static Coatings  
  • Flange and Vent Tube Release Agents  
  • Rust Preventatives  
  • Mold Cleaners  
  • Mold Primers (matte & gloss finish)  
  • Mold Sealers  

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To learn more about how we have developed advanced products to address the specific challenges that rotational molding presents, contact us today.

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